Firefox quantum sprint


  Many of us have used Mozilla firefox. How many of you not statisfied with it??
 well, to remove all your disapointments and worries.Mozilla has come up with its new browser Firefox quantum.

Quantum is a current  Mozilla project encompassing several software develpoment  efforts to improve the gecko web browser engine of firefox.
Quantum is not a new web browser. Quantum is Mozilla's project to build the next-generation web engine for Firefox users, building on the Gecko engine as a solid foundation. Quantum will leverage the fearless concurrency of Rust and high-performance components of Servo to bring more parallelization and GPU offloading to Firefox.

        Software development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the internet.The methods involved in this are agile and waterfall methodogies. In waterfall the software is developed in stages and in the end we get the result . It takes time in development, at the end we check for the bugs.In agile at every stage we check  for errors and this way we save time.
        WE at Toggle in Oxford college of engineering had an event "FIREFOX QUANTUM SPRINT ".We as beta user were given the browser and had to check for bugs in it. We had to report the bugs. By reporting the bugs we not do a favour to our fellow beings but also we ourselves get exposed to new things. In a way we are contibuting to the society and making this world flawless. We were given a list of the most visted websites in india ,we were asked to open each site and check if evrything works correct. Many of us we through most of the web sites and some of us found errors!!! we at toggle also contributed to a bug free world.
 I would say Mozilla indeed has come with a new and improved version of firefox
  As a follow up of this event , our next agenda is to translate broswer into regional languages.
           Here are few snaps all about today....